Frequently Asked Questions


Do these tails have mono fins inside?

Yes!! Our mermaid tails arrive beautifully packaged and ready to go. You don’t have to struggle with putting them together. Just open the box and enjoy!! We have a patented mono fin that has been created with you in mind. Our mono fin is light weight, streamlined, comfortable and UNBREAKABLE!

Will these mermaid tails fit me?

Yes, most of the time. We have three sizes. The Child Tail fits mermaids that weigh between 22-40kg and a  shoe size 13-4; The Teen Tail fits mermaids that weigh between 22-50kg and  a women’s shoe size 4-12; The Adult Tail fits mermaids that weigh between 50-70kg and a women’s shoe size 4-12. We also carry The Curvy Mermaid tail that fits mermaids between 70-100kg and a women’s shoe size 4-12 and needs to be preordered contact Joanne.


Recommended Tail Size Weight Shoe Size
Child Tail 22-40 kg 1-4 Women’s
Teen Tail 22-50  kg 4-12 Women’s
Adult Tail 50-70  kg 4-12 Women’s
Mer-Boy Tail 22-40  kg 13-6 Men’s
Curvy tail 70-100 kg 4-12 Women’s


Can I walk in my tail?

No! Sorry. You could hurt yourself. These tails are made for swimming…and lounging:)

What is a mono fin? And why do I need one in my costume?

Our mono fin takes its inspiration from the natural movement of marine animals. These patented eco mono fins specifically for mermaiding so they have a low profile but give you plenty of surface area to help glide you through the water. No more bulky fins! Just perfect mermaiding. They are AMAZING!

How Do I care for my Tail?

We will include a full Care Instructions leaflet with your SplashTails Pack to ensure you know exactly how to look after your tail and stay safe.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact Joanne at 0407 153002