Mermaid Tails

The original full skin Mermaid Tail that lets you swim like a real mermaid! Custom-made fabrics. Gorgeous, realistic designs. Monofin insert is made out of unbreakable, recycled materials. Lightweight but large surface area to help propel you through the water.

SIZING: Incredible four way stretch fabric especially designed to fit a broad range of bodies. CHILD TAILS typically fit Size 6-12 Australian Girls Clothes and Shoe size 13-4 (AUS). ADULT TAILS typically fit size 6-12 Australian Women’s Clothes and Shoe size 5-11 (AUS).

COLOURS: All sizes are available in Catalina Sea Blue, Catalina Sea Green, Frozen Aqua Sparkle – Tankini, H2O Gold Orange Shimmer, Hot Pink Sparkle, Lilac Pink Sea-Pearl – Tankini, Purple Sparkle, Spirit Blue – Tankini, Teal Blue Sparkle