PLEASE READ BEFORE CHOOSING TO PURCHASE A MERMAID TAIL and our Terms and conditions on this website

SAFETY FIRST: NEVER ever wear your tail without the SUPERVISION OF AN ADULT AT ALL TIMES. Children MUST be supervised in and around water at ALL TIMES 

A mermaid tail is NOT a swimming aid! 

Assumption of Risk 

You acknowledge that the Company undertakes no direct legal or financial responsibility for your personal safety or well being to the extent permissible under the law and that water activities undertaken with the product come with an assumed risk to those involved, and that such activity may cause me personal property damage or loss, personal medical or hospital costs, personal illness or bodily injury, including pain and suffering, emotional distress, or death, future economic impairment and other consequential losses that may arise during and/or as a result of participation in the activity. DO NOT PURCHASE if you are not willing to assume complete responsibility and liability for the safety of yourself and/or any person/child using the mermaid tail as a result of your purchase. 

Tails are only recommended for children 6+ whom have mastered the following swimming skills and ALWAYS under close supervision of an adult: 

Are you ready for a Splashtail’s Mermaid tail?

The following skills SHOULD be mastered before swimming in a Splashtails Mermaid Tail: 

 Being able to back float and safely relax and rest in the water if you get tired.

Roll from front float to back float: Being able to turn over, maintain control and be comfortable in the water

Swim 25 metres with no help from the pools sides!

Dolphin kick on front 5 kicks, breathe and repeat: It is very important to master the art of the dolphin kick which is the special swimming technique you use when swimming with your tail.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO STAND UP and jump around in your tail or you might fall and injure yourself and your tail!

Never ever swim in water too deep for your ability with OR without a Mermaid Tail! 

 Start out by practising your skills in shallow water close to pool edges…of course NEVER diving in upside down or attempting advanced skills such as going upside down.

 Take off the optional skin and optional straps to practise and increase your mermaid skills first in the monofin only

 STAY SAFE and enjoy the magic of your mermaid tail